After customer approval we start production using high speed, flexible machines purchased from the most reputable machines producers in field.

The machines are endowed with diverse checkpoints to ensure high quality production.


As per customer’s requirements we develop the artwork then convert it into a printable piece of ART using fully computerized, high quality machines. Applying lamination when required.

We enforce a dynamic encoding framework starting with the analysis of customer’s requirements, then introducing this data to a secured machine. Using highest up-to-date technologies, software, and hardware.


We use STATE of the ART machines for a large scale of products:

Telecom, Internet (ISP’s), Healthcare, Banking, Individual Companies (ID cards), Smart Cards, Loyalty & Membership, Access Control & Hotel Keys, Guarantee Cards, Gift Cards

We develop interface software choosing the best chip, fine cut plastic card buddy, wrapping material and appropriate reader type for each option.