E-Government cards


Food Stamp Cards

The food stamp card application is replacing Egypt?s paper-based food stamp booklet, which enables the provision of food subsidies for over 10 million Egyptian Families.

It permits an electronic registration of the citizens? food items quota and consumption on the card. The grocers? food item quota, stock, new orders and transactions are also registered at point-of-sale and on the card.

The program started with five governorates: Suez, Monofeya, Port Said, and Maadi district in Cairo. Later it was expanded to include Zagazig, Souhag and Luxor.

Health Insurance Cards

This application enables the patient?s health record and all transactions to be maintained on the card.

It also assists in retrieving the patient?s health record during the transaction and maintaining the patient?s medical services databases.

Social Pension Cards

This application leverages our existing cards and point-of-sale network.

Social pension cards enable beneficiaries to dispense their pensions from our point-of-sale as well as ATM.

Transportation Cards

The company has introduced contact-less cards new technology. This technology requires the card to only come within a range of the card-reader rather than to come into direct contact with it.

Contact-less cards opens up opportunities in the area of transportation, such as the metro, toll terminals, parking lots, or any type public transportation ticketing.