Visa and MasterCards


International Payment cards have become a way of life. These cards are used to pay for almost anything from a meal at a restaurant, top-up a mobile phone, or filling up your car at a gas station. The convenience of carrying a card makes us wonder how we could have ever done without them.

Cardholders want these cards to be secure and convenient to use.

ASC produces a wide array of cards with magnetic stripe and smart card technology. Smart cards offer much richer functionality that allows Banks to tailor its offering to their clients.

ASC has been licensed and fully certified by Visa and MasterCard for many years and has constantly surpassed the production and security standards set by those organizations.

ASC offers extensive support, advice and consultancy to financial institutions to ensure a smooth and ?right first time? implementation of smart cards.

We help you make a product offering that will satisfy all your customers? needs both in terms of security and functionality.

  • Native SDA, DDA
  • Java Banking Cards DDA
  • 12K, 18K, 24K and 32K EEPROM
  • Loyalty, E-purse, E-Cash applets