Advanced Smart Card Co., was established in 2003 with the primary objective of providing high quality, smart cards to clients across middle east and Africa region.

With strong certifications and partnerships with large international organizations and technology experts, ASC has the inherently added advantage of a sound commercial foundation, a focus on integrity, and also a staunch commitment to upholding the interests of its clients.

With a complete range of high quality, flexible, and new technology for card manufacturing, smart cards solutions and support services, ASC is able to offer their clients the latest technology cards and solutions products with confidence.

Chairman: Dr.Hany Assal

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Dr. Assalhas more than 25 years of experience in leading and establishing electronics and telecommunication ventures in the Middle East.

Dr. Assal co-founded and managed International Electronics (IE), later Bahgat Group, IE’s products soon grew to become Egypt’s top supplier of electronic products and appliances, holding over 70% market share in the local market alone.

Later, Dr. Assal lead a group of investors in the acquisition of Egyptian Telephone Company (Quicktel) where he became the chairman of the board. Within less than four years, Dr. Assal was able to turn the company’s losses as a public sector company into a business with tens of millions annual profit.

Dr.Assal is also the Founder and chairman of Advanced Smart Cards S.A.E and one of the founders of EgyNet.

Dr. Assal -Ex-professor at Cairo University- earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, California, USA.

Our activities:

ASC offers a broad range of card products ranging from Magnetic stripe cards to Multi-application smart cards. Our card range supports SDA, DDA and CDA

We offer full support to Visa VSDC and MChip4, Global Platform cards, Common Perso Solutions. ASC sources silicon from a number of suppliers ensuring the most competitive price and reliable supply of smart cards.